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Club Night 16th September 2016



A lot of first class entertainment this week,

As well as our regular players and singers that come most weeks, Ann, Bob, Vin and Andy came to visit. Also making a welcome appearance from Ruthin club, were Chris and Jayne Birchall, from the Ruthin Club. Anyone who has not visited Ruthin club should give it a try, a lot of the singers and members at Rhyl also go to Ruthin, on a Thursday night, supporting both clubs. Its hosted by Chris and Jayne at the Feathers, and like at Rhyl, you will always be made welcome.

When we arrived, a little late as usual, we had sadly  missed the first half of Vins  spot, and next on was Terry, who started with a John Gorka song about getting old, and finished with the  Graeme  Nash song Teach Your Children Well.


Now for something completely different….as we used to say in the 70s. Andy, a brilliant pianist, who in the past we have heard accompanying Vin, has been doing some Jaz type numbers with Wendy, and we got to see them perform Almost Blue, and the Ella Fitzgerald song To be saying Goodbye. Wendy was dressed for the part, as you can see in the pictures.









Following on from Andy and Wendy,

Anne and Bob did a couple of songs, Starting with the Neil Young classic, Old Laughing Lady, and finishing their first set with Lucinda Williams song Can,t Let Go.






Brandon came next, we hadn’t seen him for a couple of months as he had been putting the finishing touches to his first cd, which he sang us a couple of tracks of. alright in the end, and My feet want to touch the ground.

dscf1941  dscf1940

following Brandon was Chris Birchall, who after telling a Farmer Jones joke, gave us another Neil Young song, Harvest Moon, from the 1992 album of the same name, followed by Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower.


Tom Goodall was in fine form,

He started with a 60s song Nothings going to Change My World, then, (the antidote to Linda,s Irish Rain),  Sunshine Out Of The Rain.


It was then raffle time,

And time to sing happy birthday to Tom, we seem to be having a lot of 21st birthdays this year.

dscf1962The bottle of wine went to a very good home in Ruthin!

dscf1967Richard and tom started the second half with Lonnie Donnigan,s Putting on the Style,



Richard and Wendy Then took the stage, and Richard sang, Jim Reeves  He,l Have to Go, (He should have worn his Tux)



Well, it was Toms Birthday,

So When he requested Vin to do his monologue, about a mid-European plumber, named Fred,  Frank, or Fritz, (can’t quite remember which) , everyone was in stitches laughing. It was even funnier than Niels Jokes!














Not only was it funny, the timing and delivery were spot on, bet he has to do it again next time he comes!

Lots still left, so will have to speed up.

dscf1988Terry came back and did Someone I used to Know.












Andy and Wendy did a Ray Charles number, Followed by Andy doing an instrumental of pink Floyd, Echoes.



Anne and Bob finished of with Jesse Fullers San-fransisco  Bay Blues, Brandon with Tell me a Lie.


Chris Birchall finished with a Christy Moore  Scottish folksong, Black is the colour of my true loves hair.


Martin, will you still love me tomorrow.

dscf1995Tom Goodall sang How do you kill a man, (who wants to die)












Linda And Tom then did Linda’s famous  rain song Walk in the Irish Rain.

dscf1997To close the night, Andy,Wendy and Tom on Mandolin, did an awesome version of Who Knows What love will bring.

dscf2004That’s it folks, see you all there on Friday, as they say, Be there or Be square.



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Club Night, 9th September 2016


 dscf1895A Picture Says a Thousand Words….

Which is just as well, because its been so busy this week that its Friday again, and nothing posted, so just time for a few observations and the rest is in pictures. We were early (ish) for once, when we got out of the car we thought we had the day wrong, we thought there was a dog show on the building with all the howling going on, but it was ok, when we got in Linda and Tom were just finishing The Northern Plains.  Anna followed with Where have all the flowers Gone, and other songs on her flute / penny whistle, not sure what it is but it has a haunting sound.

dscf1857Stuart  followed with Maggi May, Norwegian Wood, and Help me make it through the night.

dscf1905Then Tony Grant,  Who started with Kieran Halpens  All The Answers, followed by a Neil Diamond,  followed by Both sides now, When he came back later he sang The River, for the many people who had requested it.

dscf1863We then had something a little bit different.

Harry and John had come over from Ruthin, So we had the Tom, Dick, Harry and John Bass band, who gave us lots of good music, including Sea of Heartache, Steve Earls Pilgrim, Drift Away, one of my favourites You,l Never  Leave Harlom Alive, and Harry’s, Get High.


































After the Raffle we ha second helpings, Starting with Linda and Tom, who were Waiting for the Times to get Better,


Followed by Anna, Stuart and Tony,

Wendy and Richard, (who were late….) then did a spot,  Richard did Crying Time and Welcome to my world, Wendy started with  Dach how and Gallinl, which translates I,m told to There goes My Sweetheart, (Welsh is not my strongest subject…)  and finishing with an Edwina Hayes, What happens Now.





Tom ,Dick Harry and John, Finished the evening.






Time to go and get showered and changed then of to Rhyl to start all over again.dscf1894

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Club Night 7th September 2016



dscf1838Well, by the time we got there, late as usual,,,

(Can somebody tell Mike that the club starts at 7 o clock???)  Wendy was just finishing her turn with a song, probably called Lets Swing, we must have missed Richard,


Geoff Hollis then took the stage, and started with an  a capella  Kieran Halpin song, then, picking up his guitar and thumb pick, gave us My Eldorado, a song by Graeme Miles, (you learn a lot doing this job!)













Linda was comparing.



But I don,t  think Neil had remembered to leave his Christmas Cracker joke book with her, shame really…


Tom and Linda then did a couple of songs, I carry the torch for you, and the Crosby, Sills and Nash, Teach the Children Well.

We then had a break, and the raffle, which was won by the last person in….Mike!

Don’t suppose that will make him any earlier.


We then had a treat, as Dave had paid us a visit. Dave organizes the Folk at the Oak club, which meets at the Royal Oak every second and fourth Mondays (if that’s too complicated, it’s usually second and last Monday in the month, though myself and mike managed to go in a month with 5 Mondays!)   Easier still, it’s on this Monday coming! You will be made very welcome. (Mines a pint of Fosters Dave!)    While we are advertising, Monday is also the last time to see our regular members Wendy and Richard performing with the Harmony singers, at St Johns Church in Llandudno. If you like music and  have never seen one of these shows, then you are really missing a good night out, its been on throughout the summer, (Monday Night is Music Night), But finishes 19th September. It’s so good a lot of people go more than once to see it, and all profits go to local charity


dave came on and Tom accompanied him with his mandolin for the first song, I,m a Rolling Stone, (no, it’s not Mick Jagger or keith Richards)    Tom then Swapped to acoustic  guitar, when Dave did the weary Hobo song.

dscf1821Peter did two songs with Tom accompanying him on guitar, finishing with The Furries love Light in your Eye.


Tony Grant then came on, (must have missed him first time) and got are feet tapping by giving us a couple of rock and roll medellys,

We then had a Duo from Conway,

dscf1831Mike and Steve, who gave us two songs by America, and one by the Searchers, Horse with No Name, Don,t Throw your Love Away, and Ventura Highway


dscf1837Wendy and Richard came back, and sang a song about Who,s going to water my Plants, Richard then doing a Double Jim Reeves tribute with Put Your Sweet Lips…Etc. and He,l have to Go.


Wendy sang a Welsh song, something sounding like Doc Thor Harry add….(can’t speak Welsh) followed by Rosanne Cashes Heartache by the Numbers,

Geoff then trundled back on and gave us a Jack Temkin (Eagles) song with Tom on Mandolin, Peaceful easy Feeling.


Followed by Robin Laigs Black Clothes.

We had a visitor from North Germany,

dscf1849Catarina, who gave us a 200  year old sad German folk song, about a woman,  married to a sailor, who went away and didn’t come back. She sent her sons to look for him, and they didn’t come back ether, it was beautifully sung, acapella.  the type of song our own Geoff Hollis would sing….  She said she had a lovely evening, and hoped to visit us again.


The Evening was closed by Dave from  Hendre  (every second and fourth Monday) with Tom accompanying him singing Your Cheating Heart and Aborline.


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Club Night 26th August 2016

As it was Wendy,s 18th birthday…. We all had muffins.

DSCF1780But before that we had John,  who started with Richard Thompsons 1975 great, Dimming of the Day, followed it with a song from CCRs Willy and the Poor boys, and then went back to Richard Thompson, finishing with Ride on the Wall of Death from 1982. Don’t these dates make you feel old!DSCF1761











Tom and Linda then did  three songs, starting with Geoff Hollis,s  Past the Point of Rescue, (or was it Mick Hanley?) followed by Linda Ronstadt,s Waiting for the Times to get Better.   Linda then let us all have a good Rhyl howl, when she finished with The Northern Planes.DSCF1762Tom then gave us a gospel song on guitar….(with some very high notes!)


Tony Grant then took the stage, starting with the song from the film The Thomas Crown Affair,  The Windmills of your Mind, ( we see too many windmills from the front on Rhyl!)  following it with the poignant Sam Larkin song Mirabeau Bridge,  and to take us to the break he finished with a Houghton weavers song, (I ,ve  forgotten the title!!).


We then had our short break, and helped Wendy and Richard eat lots of muffins to celebrate Wendy’s Birthday. We also had the raffle, after which, Linda and Tom came back on, finishing with Carolina Star.


Wendy then came back, and started of with a song by one of our favourite artists Edwina Hayes, Leave a Light on for Me. And finished with a special request, Grandpa.





Our compare Neil then re-introduced John, for the old cowboy song Ghost Riders in the Sky, And then Richard with Tom accompanying him, first with his slide guitar, for a Wailing Jennings song, and then with his Mandolin for Little old Wine Drinker Me.


The evening was almost over, just time for Tony to give us a few more songs to send us home and keep us happy until next week, Starting with the Irish folk ballad, The Fields of Atenry, followed by Save the last dance for me. And finally, everyone was shouting for The Red Rose Caffe, So he did it! And that’s it until next week, and remember, from next week there is a £10 fine for anyone who is absent without a good reason!




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Club Night 29th July 2016

DSCF1744Another fun night,

Highlights including Terry, ‘ Little old Wine Drinker Me,’  and the John Prine  ‘Unwed Fathers’,  and was followed by Geoff Hollis, who asked ‘Can you fix this Broken Heart’, the start of the very sad.(well it would be with Geoff!) very poignant,  and very beautiful Dar Williams song Family, ‘Let your love cover me, like a pair of Angel Wings’ beautiful lyrics, no one dies in the song, (they were already dead! )  Yes, it’s another song about a funeral, but it’s so good, and he sings  it so well that  I would love him to sing it at mine.  He followed that with one of my all time favourites, Mick Haney’s  Past The Point of rescue, with Tom playing the Mandolin.   More beautiful Lyrics,

Last night I dreamed you were back again
Larger than life again, holding me tight again
Placing those same kisses on my brow
DSCF1737Sweeter than ever now, lord I remember how
Couldn’t get enough of kissing, do you know how much you’re missing
No you don’t, but I do

The days like a slow train trickle by
And even the words that I write refuse to fly
All I can hear is your song haunting me
Can’t get the melody out of my head, you see
Distractions are amusing, do you know how much you’re losing
No you don’t, but I do

But I do, and I wonder if I’m past the point of rescue
Is no word from you at all the best that you can do
I never meant to push or shove you, do you know how much I love you
No you don’t, but I do

I swore I’d never fall like this again
Fools like me never win, came to my knees again
Can’t close the door on likely hood
Things might be just as good, I always believed they would
Gotta let your love invite me, baby do you think it might be
No you don’t, but I do

But I do, and I wonder if I’m past the point of rescue
Is no word from you at all the best that you can do
I never meant to push or shove you, do you know how much I love you
No you don’t, but I do

But I do, and I wonder if I’m past the point of rescue
Is no word from you at all the best that you can do
I never meant to push or shove you, do you know how much I love you
No you don’t, but I do
I know you don’t, but I do
I know you don’t, but I do

Geoff’s  songs always have exceptionally good lyrics, I’ve  not heard a bad one yet!DSCF1705




Two Duos Next,

Both completely different, First was Anne & Bob, who started with Bob Dylan’s  Stay Away, and finished their first spot with a blues number Last Train. It doesn’t get much better…. Well, it did actually, when they came on for the second time.

DSCF1743 Following Anne and Bob, we had Nathan and Steve, better Known as Hope.

DSCF1716They didn’t have a new song this week……..but they did have a very good song about eloping,  and an older song Nathan had written about 6 years ago, called Crazy, which he shared with us. A good set to take us to the break and raffle. (which Vera won!).DSCF1717


Tom and Linda started off the second music session.

followed by John,

DSCF1720Who entertained us with the great Kenny Rogers song You Picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.

Tom was back on the stage again with his slide guitar, accompanying Richard,

in Me and Bobby Magee, the Kris Kristofferson great, or Janis Joplin for those that can remember.












Then Tom was back again…

This time  with his violin! or was it a fiddle?  It came as no surprise to us regulars that he was also a very good fiddle player, why do some people have all the talent and others none?


DSCF1727Stuart followed, with Bill Withers Lovely Day

DSCF1731 Followed by Geoff,


Who finished with the thought- provoking  Richard Shindell song, The Ballad of Mary Magdalen, a great Finnish to his contribution to the nights entertainment.

And after we thought Anne and Bob couldn’t get any better…


DSCF1742They came Back, and gave us Stagger Lee, the  popular American folk song about the murder of Billy Lyons , and finished there set with a song from the boss! (Bruce Springsteen)

To close the evening, Hope came back on and gave us….

Two of their best, Temptation, and ‘Take it Slow.












Home time, after a very enjoyable night, and a big thanks to everyone in the background that makes these nights so much fun. See you in a few weeks.


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Club Night 22nd July 2016

There were a lot of Wolves at Rhyl tonight,or it sounded a lot when Linda and Tom sang The northern Plains…


Over 30, some of our regulars were still on the festival trail, or taking holidays, but we had lots of performers and a large audience to cheer them on.Richard asked Tom to accompany him on the mandolin, and they gave us Brady,s Electric Car, and that old Dr Hook weepy Silvia,s Mother.

DSCF1592Stuart then came on and  started of with The kinks Waterloo Sunset, and a Bee-gees song To love Somebody…Followed by John,DSCF1633Who  sang the old cowboy gambling song, and The Games People Play.

Colin then came on, told a joke, waffled on for 5 minutes,  forgot what he was going to sing, waffled for a bit longer and remembered he had learned a new song to play us, which was I Can,t Let Magi Go.  (Better Known as the Nimble advert, not my favourite bread, not enough calories!).   After waffling some more he eventually  sang a very appropriate song, I,ll Get there in the End, the old Herman’s  Hermit’s song, or was it Freddy and the Dreamers? He,s got me waffling as well now!DSCF1600It was now time for our old cowboy Terry to take the stage, he started by giving the wifes present a short lesson in behaviour. The song started Put Another Log on the Fire. Vera didnt,t look too impressed, perhaps she was thinking guitar instead of log?  I think he managed to smooth things over with his next song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, by Willy Nelson, or was it Hank Williams? now I,m starting to waffle too.DSCF1604Linda and Tom took the stage and Linda gave us Another lonesome  Morning, followed by Don Williams Don,t you believe.DSCF1611

After the raffle Colin 2 (not the Colin that waffles) came back on and sang a Freight train song.DSCF1614Mike Whitaker then sang Love is everything, don’t ever change. What a nice song, and so well delivered, Mikes got some lovely songs.DSCF1617Wendy and Richard then came back on, Richard sang Dream, and Wendy sang Older Ladies.









Richard and Tom sang the mavericks song All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down, Stuart sang the old Peter and Gordon song World Without Love, John finished his night with the Animals song  Don’t Let Me Be miss-understood.  Colin 1 came back on, didn’t waffle too much, and sang The Girl From (that place I cant spell,and it’s too late tonight to Google it!)

Near the end now, Terry came back on and sang a John Prine  song, think it was about someones  dog dyeing or their wife leaving them! But it was good.

Linda and Tom finished of with The Northern Plains, and everyone howled, (Why don,t they ever howl in Ruthin?)   And Tom did a Blue Grass song to close the night.DSCF1606A GOOD NIGHT WAS HAD BY ALL, SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK.














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Club night 15th July 2016

A lot of our regular members were away at  ‘Folk at the Farm on  Anglesey, so it wasn’t the busiest night of the year!

But we still had e good time, Wendy  took the job as compare,  Jackie the door, and Jeff  the sound desk, Wendy also did an Edwina Hayes Tribute night, singing all Edwina Hayes songsDSCF1532, including I’ll leave a light on for you and No-bodies coming around, as well as accompanying Richard in a couple of songs (Yes, one was a Jim Reeves!!!)    Stewart did Desperado, the Eagles classic, followed by the S&G great America.DSCF1494 Richard then took the stage accompanied by Colin on his Uke, to give us Pilgrim, by Steve Earl, and 500 Miles (Away from home)



Colin then took the stage Himself, (accompanied by his Epiphone, Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul style ukulele) and gave us Buddy Holly,s Raining in my Heart, and , yes, a Beatles song, Follow the sun.


Wendy then did Two Edwina Hayes Songs.

I Leave a Light on for you, and No-boddies coming around


Hope, Steve and Nathan then came on.DSCF1458and gave us Big Wheel Girl, and Loosing Everything.


Tom Goodall came up and gave us …

A Bruce Springsteen Cover, followed by one of his own compositions, ‘Everyone’s got a song about a train, so here’s mine’ I think that was the title anyway!









Wendy then introduced Tony onto the stage, he started of with the haunting Angel Flying too C lose to the Ground, by Willy Nelson, and finished his first spot with a just as good John Wright Song. What a writer,….I had a dream, and I gave it away, and the name that I gave it was your name… Tony’s got just the voice for it.


After the raffle…

Wendy,s Richard did a turn,  followed by John,  then Stewart singing Stand by Me.


Wendy, Richard and Colin, in true Rhyl tradition, decided to form a group…

and gave us their first ever song together Heartaches By the Number, DSCF1510


Hope came back on for their second spot, and sang an almost brand new song, never heard at Rhyl,  called Temptation.

Time for Tom Goodall final slot..

for which he gave us Mothers Hug.DSCF1518Wendy then sang the Edwena Hayes song Just another Bend in the Road, and the night was closed by Tony doing You got a Friend, and a rock medley, or two featuring  Honey Don’t! and the Parkinson’s song A whole lot of Shaking going on. A good night was had by all.



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Club Night 8th July 2016


A very enjoyable evening…..

About 33 members, some old, a lot new, here for the first time. Also some we have,nt seen for a short time. Proceedings started as usual, Niel was compare and his good lady Barbara was bouncer on the door, as the night proceeded, it came to Kevin’s turn to entertain us, it was noticed that he had a very shiny, and very new (and very pretty)  Gibson J200, on which he played club favorites Geronimo,s Cadillac, and Joey White, (obviously breaking it in gently for his next spot).DSCF1439

He was followed by a club first timer, Donna, who, did a great job of her first 2 songs, with a lovely pinky red Ovation, a bit like Colin was playing










Colin was next up with his Ovation, and gave us Bobby McGee, and Last thing on my mind.


He was Followed by Geoff Hollis, who did a song a capella (no gautar!!!)   My Name is Jock Stewart,  and Amelia Where You Bound To.



We then had a duo who we hadn’t seen for a while, Nathan and Steve, better known to us as Hope. Most of what they play are their own compositions, and the two they gave us were Big Wheel Girl, (All the Fun of the Fair),and a new one we hadn’t heard before, Take It Slow.  Come back again soon, we miss you!.







Tom and Linda then gave us Blue Grass Music, quite appropriate as they had been at the Conway Blue Grass Festival last weekend!

DSCF1327Speaking of which, tom had a nice new instrument with him, a six string Uke???Hard to imagine someone pulling the wool over Toms eyes and selling him that, it didn’t look anything like a banjo!

It did sound good though.DSCF1420DSCF1421









DSCF1431Colin (2) then came back on and did Rod Stewart’s

George Boy,  followed by Anna, who as well as having her squeeze box with her, had the

third new instrument of the night , what looked like a steel recorder, first time I’ve seen one,

will have to ask her what it is.


Kevin Then came back on , to really try out the new Gibson with the Steve Earle classic Copperhead Road,  And Did it rock…..




We then had  The Kinks Sunny Afternoon, and Labbie Siffrie,s  Must Be Love, sang by Stewart. After which, Mike came back on and sang one of his own compositions, No One Will Love You Like I Do. A beautiful song, and very well written. (don,t let Simon Cowell hear it!)DSCF1436


Donna then bought her pink guitar back on stage, and blew us all away with a really good rendition or the Steve Nicks, / Fleetwood Mac song Rhyanna, third song at Rhyl and she’s got rid of her nerves already!! Hope your there next week. DSCF1401

Colin (the hat) came back on and gave us a couple of Beatles songs,


Followed by Geoff  Hollis, who again went a capella with the Utah Philips song (or Rant!) All Used Up.   Lets hope he hasn’t scared away any of the new members!!

With the absence of the bar, Geoff drank a lot of Red Wine!

The evening was closed by Hope, (Nathan and Steve) who did a rare (for them)  and very good cover  of the Johnny Cash Version of Hurt. I really thought Stuart would be more of a Nine Inch Nails man.!DSCF1452

Perhaps Rhyls not ready for the original version. Come back soon Nathan and Steve.  Lots More Fun Next Friday, see you all there.


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Club night. 17th June 2016



We all thought Colin had bought the Rock Band bass guitar in from his Sony Playstation to the club, but it turned out to be an electric bass uke.

It did sound like a base guitar, and he did accompany a few other artists  with it, they probably wont replace full size bass guitars, but it was interesting and entertaining to listen to. He also kept busy with his other uke, amongst other songs: Early morning rain,  I’ll Follow the Sun, and Buddy Holly’s It’s raining, as well as accompanying other artists with his bass uke.DSCF1301


Malcolm, a First timer at the club, sang a song based on the beautiful (I thought so when I was 9!)  1963 Peter Paul and Mary classic, Puff The Magic Dragon, which inferred that Puff was not a heterosexual dragon.


Come on Malcolm, some things are sacred, it was bad enough when people said it was a reference to taking drugs! some people even laughed!  (well, most did really..), he then carried on in his acapella mode with some sea shanties.

DSCF1311Chris Birchall  from the Ruthin club sang the Joe Cocker version of Unchain my Heart, Eleanor Rigby,   and the Christy Moore version of Black is the colour of my true loves hair, which he dedicated to someone in the audience?


We also had a visit from Penny from Denbigh,  (not heaven!)  Who was looking very happy, think it was something about work! She sang about fish swimming and getting drunk, and old people getting forgetful, and shopping in Marks and Spencers


Penny, with a smug smile contemplating her future!

DSCF1275Glyn then led us in some  community singing, including  Dona Dona Dona, and Hard times come again no more.   She also looked happy for Penny.

Later Penny accompanied Glyn when she sang The Balimore Fiddler, some people even tried to sing the chorus!!!




Mike Whitaker sang a song about a Choo Choo, with Colin assisting on bass, and Colin Campbell entertained us with several songs, including The Weary Hobo Song.


Richard did some numbers with Tom and Colin, including The Pilgrim Song, and Me and Bobby Magee.


Other highlights of the night included Tony Grant singing the Windmills of your Mind, the Red Rose Caffe, and the James Taylor classic You’ve Got a Friend.


We all know what he looks like, this is his guitar.

Linda and Tom worked hard all evening, Linda also compared as Neil was away gadding about with Barbara,  we really will have to remember to get Neil to lend Linda his book of Christmas  Cracker jokes, it’s just not the same without them. Linda and Tom finished the evening with the Gibson brothers song That Blue Grass Music.


See you all next week.



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10th June 2016

Clapton  comes to Rhyl… Well if Ruthin can have  Joan and Bob, we can have EricDSCF1125.

Anne and Bob came to visit, and bob treated us to some blistering guitar playing, I love his playing but I’d never buy a used guitar of him!Well, after a quiet week last week, Friday was packed with performers and non-performers. As usual I was a bit late getting there (waiting for the slow-coach from Chester to turn up), so first on for me was our favourite old cowboy Terry, who in Geoff,s  absence, sang us two sad songs, Old Flames, and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.





We were then treated to some traditional Scottish tunes on the violin, by John,including The Black Isle. It was his first visit to the club, lets hope we see him again soon.




Tom and Linda Then entertained us, with Love is all Around, and the Falling leaves,










Then we had our own Neil Diamond (Tony Grant), who sang two favorites, Willy Nelson’s Angel Flying to close to the Ground, and Neil Diamonds Girl you’ll Be a Woman Soon.


And speaking of Neil, our regular comedian and compare Neil was back, together with Barbara, our regular bouncer on the door, after about six festivals back to back, luckily no one had to be taken to hospital through laughing too much this week .


It was then time for Anne and Bobs first spot…. which was first, a Tracy Chapman number, followed by the Bob Dylan song Catfish.   followed by our beer-break, and raffle, which again was fixed, Barbara doesn’t come for six weeks then she wins the raffle?   kicking of the second half we had Richard who sang the weary hobo song Followed by  Wendy and Richard. Richard couldn’t be with us last week, he had to go on a pub crawl, but well done Wendy, we couldn’t see any bruises or lumps on  him, your a true pro.DSCF1131DSCF1123





Richard sang the Jim Reeves Classic  He’ll  Have to Go   (or did Wendy say that?)      Wendy sang the Edwina Hayes song My Love. always one of everyone’s favorites.  Our old cowboy Terry then sang a sad song (someone died!)  about Caroline

Everyone then got excited as Anne got her Marrakas out…and we all know what that means, we were treated to the great version by her and Bob do of the Lenard Cohen song That’s no way to say Goodbye. DSCF1135After all that excitement, Roland gave us a Lonnie Donnigan song on the uke,  Tony then gave us a couple of Rock and roll medelys,DSCF1116

And Tom closed a perfect evening  with a couple of George Formby foot-tappers on The Queens favorite instrument,  his Uke.




That's no way to say Goodbye

That’s no way to say Goodbye

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