dscf1838Well, by the time we got there, late as usual,,,

(Can somebody tell Mike that the club starts at 7 o clock???)  Wendy was just finishing her turn with a song, probably called Lets Swing, we must have missed Richard,


Geoff Hollis then took the stage, and started with an  a capella  Kieran Halpin song, then, picking up his guitar and thumb pick, gave us My Eldorado, a song by Graeme Miles, (you learn a lot doing this job!)













Linda was comparing.



But I don,t  think Neil had remembered to leave his Christmas Cracker joke book with her, shame really…


Tom and Linda then did a couple of songs, I carry the torch for you, and the Crosby, Sills and Nash, Teach the Children Well.

We then had a break, and the raffle, which was won by the last person in….Mike!

Don’t suppose that will make him any earlier.


We then had a treat, as Dave had paid us a visit. Dave organizes the Folk at the Oak club, which meets at the Royal Oak every second and fourth Mondays (if that’s too complicated, it’s usually second and last Monday in the month, though myself and mike managed to go in a month with 5 Mondays!)   Easier still, it’s on this Monday coming! You will be made very welcome. (Mines a pint of Fosters Dave!)    While we are advertising, Monday is also the last time to see our regular members Wendy and Richard performing with the Harmony singers, at St Johns Church in Llandudno. If you like music and  have never seen one of these shows, then you are really missing a good night out, its been on throughout the summer, (Monday Night is Music Night), But finishes 19th September. It’s so good a lot of people go more than once to see it, and all profits go to local charity


dave came on and Tom accompanied him with his mandolin for the first song, I,m a Rolling Stone, (no, it’s not Mick Jagger or keith Richards)    Tom then Swapped to acoustic  guitar, when Dave did the weary Hobo song.

dscf1821Peter did two songs with Tom accompanying him on guitar, finishing with The Furries love Light in your Eye.


Tony Grant then came on, (must have missed him first time) and got are feet tapping by giving us a couple of rock and roll medellys,

We then had a Duo from Conway,

dscf1831Mike and Steve, who gave us two songs by America, and one by the Searchers, Horse with No Name, Don,t Throw your Love Away, and Ventura Highway


dscf1837Wendy and Richard came back, and sang a song about Who,s going to water my Plants, Richard then doing a Double Jim Reeves tribute with Put Your Sweet Lips…Etc. and He,l have to Go.


Wendy sang a Welsh song, something sounding like Doc Thor Harry add….(can’t speak Welsh) followed by Rosanne Cashes Heartache by the Numbers,

Geoff then trundled back on and gave us a Jack Temkin (Eagles) song with Tom on Mandolin, Peaceful easy Feeling.


Followed by Robin Laigs Black Clothes.

We had a visitor from North Germany,

dscf1849Catarina, who gave us a 200  year old sad German folk song, about a woman,  married to a sailor, who went away and didn’t come back. She sent her sons to look for him, and they didn’t come back ether, it was beautifully sung, acapella.  the type of song our own Geoff Hollis would sing….  She said she had a lovely evening, and hoped to visit us again.


The Evening was closed by Dave from  Hendre  (every second and fourth Monday) with Tom accompanying him singing Your Cheating Heart and Aborline.