I thought that I had walked into the wrong club last Friday,

there were not many seats left. and several new faces, as the summer ends and holidays finish, we start to get a full club again. (and where else can you get a good nights entertainment for £1.50!) .  When I arrived I thought we had a new young  female country and western vocalist, then I realized that it was a tanned Wendy, just back from her holidays, (Richard was tanned too!)

dscf2145Next up was Raphael Callaghan, who we normally see with Tom Dick and Harry Band, (which we did …later)  He entertained us with some songs from his new album Said and Done.

dscf2146After Raphael came Colin, who gave us a selection including a song from one of his favourite bands Mike and the Mechanics.

Jim the Fiddler was next…

who gave us A Life on the Ocean Waves, Followed by a Scottish tune.


We then had a newcomer to the club, Jane from Bethesda.,





She gave us a couple of Christy Moore songs, finishing with Nancy Spain. Lets all hope that we see her again soon.


Linda and Tom came next.

Tom had his frying pan with him, so Linda took the advantage and sang Ring the Bell.

she finished with Four Wheel Drives My Blue Ridge Mountain Girl.

dscf2159It was time for the combined talents of Rhyl an Ruthin, with the Tom, Dick, Harry, John and Raphael Band…

as they were setting up, Harry lowered the tone of the evening by asking a Lancashire  riddle, from when he was a wee lad, ‘ whats little and wrinkled, and hangs out your underpants’ We must be thick in Rhyl, no one got it write,  its your granny.

dscf2165Things could only get better, which they did, as they sang for us Buddy Holly True Love Ways,  Delia Gone, John Prines Speed of the sound of loneliness, and Drift Away.









It was then time for the Raffle.

Which was won by a very nice man from Carmel, a nice looking bottle of Merlot.

dscf2178We were then introduced to  Russell  Williams and Helen Lank,

Who have recently got together and formed a duo. Helen is a brilliant double bassist, and Russell an excellent guitarist and singer, I think he must be saving up for a new guitar, as he said the one he was using was made in 1941!

dscf2176dscf2175They  gave us Americana songs by Johnny Horton, Hank Williams, (from 1922!) and with Raphael on the harp, a Jerry McCain / Thunderbirds song.

Russel is a great friend of Toms, who invited him to visit Rhyl, as they are from the Frodsham /Chester area. Lets hope Tom can get them to come again.

dscf2183John Taylor came back on.

And have a hilariously funny rendition of my first day at the pit. what makes it so fantastically funny is Johns  accent and delivery,  I can’t imagine anyone being able to do it any better.

dscf2185Mike  Whitiker  Finished of with one of his own, Underneath the Waterfall,  Colin with streets of London, Jane with a song about birth control and beer…. Jim fiddled a slow air, Wild Rose of the Mountain, and Linda and Tom  Another Lonesome Morning.

time for the finale,

dscf2171Tom Dick, Harry, John and Raphael came back on to sing us out with Jerry Rafferty,s Baker Street, what a fantastic end to my bottle of wine, it vibrated of the table and fell on the floor, managing to hit the table leg on the way down. Other than that a really good night









See you all in 2 weeks, I,m having a week off.

AND DONT FORGET…karin-grandal-park-rosie-clegg20160924_122817_resized