A lot of first class entertainment this week,

As well as our regular players and singers that come most weeks, Ann, Bob, Vin and Andy came to visit. Also making a welcome appearance from Ruthin club, were Chris and Jayne Birchall, from the Ruthin Club. Anyone who has not visited Ruthin club should give it a try, a lot of the singers and members at Rhyl also go to Ruthin, on a Thursday night, supporting both clubs. Its hosted by Chris and Jayne at the Feathers, and like at Rhyl, you will always be made welcome.

When we arrived, a little late as usual, we had sadly  missed the first half of Vins  spot, and next on was Terry, who started with a John Gorka song about getting old, and finished with the  Graeme  Nash song Teach Your Children Well.


Now for something completely different….as we used to say in the 70s. Andy, a brilliant pianist, who in the past we have heard accompanying Vin, has been doing some Jaz type numbers with Wendy, and we got to see them perform Almost Blue, and the Ella Fitzgerald song To be saying Goodbye. Wendy was dressed for the part, as you can see in the pictures.









Following on from Andy and Wendy,

Anne and Bob did a couple of songs, Starting with the Neil Young classic, Old Laughing Lady, and finishing their first set with Lucinda Williams song Can,t Let Go.






Brandon came next, we hadn’t seen him for a couple of months as he had been putting the finishing touches to his first cd, which he sang us a couple of tracks of. alright in the end, and My feet want to touch the ground.

dscf1941  dscf1940

following Brandon was Chris Birchall, who after telling a Farmer Jones joke, gave us another Neil Young song, Harvest Moon, from the 1992 album of the same name, followed by Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower.


Tom Goodall was in fine form,

He started with a 60s song Nothings going to Change My World, then, (the antidote to Linda,s Irish Rain),  Sunshine Out Of The Rain.


It was then raffle time,

And time to sing happy birthday to Tom, we seem to be having a lot of 21st birthdays this year.

dscf1962The bottle of wine went to a very good home in Ruthin!

dscf1967Richard and tom started the second half with Lonnie Donnigan,s Putting on the Style,



Richard and Wendy Then took the stage, and Richard sang, Jim Reeves  He,l Have to Go, (He should have worn his Tux)



Well, it was Toms Birthday,

So When he requested Vin to do his monologue, about a mid-European plumber, named Fred,  Frank, or Fritz, (can’t quite remember which) , everyone was in stitches laughing. It was even funnier than Niels Jokes!














Not only was it funny, the timing and delivery were spot on, bet he has to do it again next time he comes!

Lots still left, so will have to speed up.

dscf1988Terry came back and did Someone I used to Know.












Andy and Wendy did a Ray Charles number, Followed by Andy doing an instrumental of pink Floyd, Echoes.



Anne and Bob finished of with Jesse Fullers San-fransisco  Bay Blues, Brandon with Tell me a Lie.


Chris Birchall finished with a Christy Moore  Scottish folksong, Black is the colour of my true loves hair.


Martin, will you still love me tomorrow.

dscf1995Tom Goodall sang How do you kill a man, (who wants to die)












Linda And Tom then did Linda’s famous  rain song Walk in the Irish Rain.

dscf1997To close the night, Andy,Wendy and Tom on Mandolin, did an awesome version of Who Knows What love will bring.

dscf2004That’s it folks, see you all there on Friday, as they say, Be there or Be square.