dscf1895A Picture Says a Thousand Words….

Which is just as well, because its been so busy this week that its Friday again, and nothing posted, so just time for a few observations and the rest is in pictures. We were early (ish) for once, when we got out of the car we thought we had the day wrong, we thought there was a dog show on the building with all the howling going on, but it was ok, when we got in Linda and Tom were just finishing The Northern Plains.  Anna followed with Where have all the flowers Gone, and other songs on her flute / penny whistle, not sure what it is but it has a haunting sound.

dscf1857Stuart  followed with Maggi May, Norwegian Wood, and Help me make it through the night.

dscf1905Then Tony Grant,  Who started with Kieran Halpens  All The Answers, followed by a Neil Diamond,  followed by Both sides now, When he came back later he sang The River, for the many people who had requested it.

dscf1863We then had something a little bit different.

Harry and John had come over from Ruthin, So we had the Tom, Dick, Harry and John Bass band, who gave us lots of good music, including Sea of Heartache, Steve Earls Pilgrim, Drift Away, one of my favourites You,l Never  Leave Harlom Alive, and Harry’s, Get High.


































After the Raffle we ha second helpings, Starting with Linda and Tom, who were Waiting for the Times to get Better,


Followed by Anna, Stuart and Tony,

Wendy and Richard, (who were late….) then did a spot,  Richard did Crying Time and Welcome to my world, Wendy started with  Dach how and Gallinl, which translates I,m told to There goes My Sweetheart, (Welsh is not my strongest subject…)  and finishing with an Edwina Hayes, What happens Now.





Tom ,Dick Harry and John, Finished the evening.






Time to go and get showered and changed then of to Rhyl to start all over again.dscf1894