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The Aliens Have Landed! – 3rd October.

141003-2532The football pitch outside was looking like a Sci-Fi film set  with the massive dome shaped inflatable marquees, all set ready for the weekends Council run keep fit extravaganza.

With none of the regulars being abducted by aliens, the evening rocketed off to a super start with ‘Jabbawocky’ (Gill, Ian, Mick &  Gilly)

141003-2546Chris ‘B’ was back as a performer again,  being relieved of M.C. duties with the return of Neil from a bout of Martian leprosy.

Tom & Linda got the crowd howling and barking followed by Wendy & Richard with suitable headgear for C&W.

Kevin, Richard ‘D‘ & Tom gave us a brilliant set followed by Bluesman Dave King who got his lemon’s squeezed again.

Terry was up next followed by GeorgLiveBrandon and the wandering Geoff.

Another super night with a full room, 16 floorsingers and barrels of beer.


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 Don’t forget Next Friday 10th. October,  we have the fabulous

Gary Edward Jones Band

Check them on the Videos Tab and YouTube

Definitely one not to miss


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Friday 26th September

We had some 140926-2514delectable delectation from the delicious singing equestrian- Elaine Walker. Her varied and entertaining  ‘Showcase’ spot included self penned numbers and some  favourites from Joni Mitchell among others, including Big Yellow Taxi.  Elaine was ably assisted by hubby Bryan as personal rodie when switching to her drop-tuned parlour guitar. All in all a smashing set from the ever popular organiser of Denbigh’s The Lighted Stage and the annual Oakfest in Bettws y Coed.

We also had our regular floor-spots and one of the highlights was Bill Conde & Terry Mealey as a duo, combining music and mirth to entertain the happy crowd. Also on the list was Wendy & Richard, Tom & Linda,  GeorgeLive, and Chris ‘B’ who again did the M.Cs job in the absence of Neil who unfortunately reported sick following his recent trip to Otley in  ‘God’s Country’.

Don’t forget folks, our next Guest Night is in two weeks on the 10th. October with the absolutely fabulous Gary Edward Jones Band, a night definately not to be missed and one of the highlights of the year. Check them out on our Video’s tab tab.

Singers Night Next Friday as Normal


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Back To Normal – 19th. September.

Af140919-2467ter the quieter night a couple of  weeks ago and with at least a dozen regulars away up in Yorkshire at The Otley Festival, I really wasn’t expecting a large turn-out. But  how wrong was I, with a comfortably full room and fifteen floor singers to entertain, it was back to our normal singers night at the ‘Happy Club’.

We had the superb Peter, who now lives in Ruthin and was one of the 0riginal 1964 gang  at The Bee & Station, which was  10 years before my first ever visit to the club.  Peter sang Comedians and Angels and My Girl is Waiting For Me  and then one of my favourite John Denver songs in ‘Back Home Again‘ and he  promised to call back again to see us soon.

140919-2478Young  Brandon returned following his musical excursions playing support for Canadian performer Darren Eedens, among several other projects.

Here’s  a new nick-name for Mr Degney…Tom Titfer, after viewing his latest hat, but it didn’t  stop him getting a head start with his 5 string banjo, bringing a taste of Bluegrass to the evening and also performed with his Missus’ Lynda  and then Richard ‘D’ in a Bee Gees classic To Love Somebody.

140919-2484Gill & Ian were with us again and were fantastic along with Annie & Bob, Annie’s little Bro’ Vin seemed to be enveloped in smoke as he did  homage to The Railway Children. 

Wendy & Richard were following a Wanderin’ Star and GeorgeLive  rocked along with Nadine (especially for Richard apparently) 🙂

!cid_59E53E3A715C41D284A80CBC1DA9EB7E@000005a647cdeaMr dependable Kevin did a new one that’s sure to become a big hit at the club in ‘I Gotta Wink’  (check for typo’s). a song all about the in’s & out’s of an online dating agency… Brilliant.

The proceedings were controlled by M.C. Chris ( who also levered in a Susan Vega number) and Tracey did the very important  meeting & greeting on reception. Many thanks to all………

Next Friday we have a Showcase from Elaine (look in guest list for details) in what promises to be another cracker of a night, so try not to miss it.

Plenty of space as usual for floor spots, so bring along your instruments

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Charity Night – 12th September.

140912-5943It was a brilliant night at the club with old friend Phil Townson doing a ‘showcase spot’ in aid of  ‘The Alzheimers Society’.

It was no surprise to find that Phil has lost none of his considerable talents as a singer/songwriter, and highly enjoyable to be reminded again by his visit.

On the night, one hundred & seven pounds 50p was raised for the society, so a big thank you to all that attended and to those that purchased Phil’s fund raising C.D. One Man and One Guitar.

As usual our own talented members filled out the rest of the evening.

140912-5953Wendy & Richard added the North American ‘Kazoo’ to their box of tricks,of course it was easy to see that Wendy was a proficient exponent of this highly regarded instrument. 🙂

We also had Kevin Wardman, Elaine Walker, Geoff Hollis, with GeorgeLive  off the wall as usual, Chris ‘B’ and the well behaved Tony Grant completed the line-up.

The picture of the birds is the swallows nesting in the rafters at the club entrance.

A super shot of the 2nd clutch of the season of our cosy visitors. How  many tail tips can you count?

140912-5954More Music And Merriment next     Friday folks, 

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Shush!……A quiet night. 5th. September.

140905-5505A quieter night than usual because of some confusion over the re-scheduling of the Friday night football match, it would seem unfortunately  not everyone read their email messages.

However although the quantity may have been on the low side, the quality was of the usual high standard and Mr Tony Grant certainly raised the sartorial bar with his crimson waistcoat and vintage boater, a cross between a Cambridge boatman and a straggler from the Denbigh hunt

Kevin  gave us some songs from his portfolio which makes us appreciate  how good he is,  many clubs would love his quality every week.

We had another visit from Keith from Hendre, who dished up a few sea shanties with his deep rich voice, perfect for us land-lubbers. Terry popped on stage with his Sigma-42 and ‘Blew up his T.V’ and planted a lot of peaches.

Chris gave us some of Robert Zimmerman’s finest with a mouth full of mints, courtesy of The Laughing Buddha.

Next Friday Phil Townson is popping in to give us a ‘Big Spot’ and promoting his C.D. in aid of Altzhiemers research. Phil is an old friend of the club and it will be a pleasure to see him on stage again, please attend if you can and support him in this worthy venture. As usual, plenty of space for floor singers.

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Another busy night….29th. August

2014-08-29 22.07.23Another busy and entertaining night at the footy club venue, with 40+ and 15 floor singers in the room and yet another birthday cake.

This time it was for our finest yodeling country girl Wendy (aka Madam Fifi) who took to the stage with hubby Richard.

Also we had Gill & Ian, Mick & Gilly, Linda & Tom, the trouble making scouser Tony ‘G’ was up to his usual antics, Elaine gave her standard polished performance to stabilize the night.
Our Chris ‘B’ plus leather titfer has set in motion the idea of a ‘comical hat night’, probably around Easter bonnet time would be best.

images (17)

Also we had Richard ‘D’, Geoff, Terry  and Bill ‘C’ who as rumour has it,  has been making quite a few shekels as a tribute act for the Ozzy folk legend  Eric Bogle. But I’m betting Bogle cant make guitars like our Bill,

More next week folks.

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Skeet, Dave Hytch and Skinner & T’witch. Friday 22nd August.


Sandra of Skinner & T’Witch

We had a very welcome visit from Leeds based duo Steve Skinner and Sandra Twitchet ,aka Skinner & T’Witch who were spotted at Holmefirth Festival. Sandra’s rich voice ably harmonized with Steve’s low bass tones, and guitar accompaniment.

Their material was mainly self penned with plenty of food for thought by the attentive audience.

The rest of the evening was by our very own talented performers, who again gave us a varied choice.


Skeet Williams

We also enjoyed the first visit to the club of Dave Hytch. Dave runs a twice monthly folk night at The Oak in Hendre and he proved to be a very popular addition.

gave us a precursor of his fretboard dexterity prior to the guest visit of the  ‘Gary Edward Jones’ band on the 10th. October, a date definitely not to be missed.

Richard & Wendy – Kevin – Tom & Linda – Tony – Chris ‘B’ – and Brandon,made up the list for another Super-Dooper night at the club.

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Getting Younger…..August 15th.

140815-2076It’s not only the policemen that are getting younger, every week now we seem to attract younger floor singers.

This week it was the turn of  ten year old Teagan Webster who was helping us set-up the room in the afternoon when she got on stage and started rapping, I said  “right then, your on tonight”.

With no  sign of nerves a short but sweet set raised the roof, mind you, I didn’t understand a word of it myself,  (old fart syndrome I suppose)

140815-2066With another healthy turnout and 11 floor singers to entertain, it was a very enjoyable three and a half hours.

Next week is a singers night coupled with a visit from Leeds duo, Skinner & T’Witch (check out forthcoming guests) who will be doing a Showcase spot, but plenty of room for our regulars, so bring along your instruments as usual.



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Variety Is The Spice…….8th. August.

DCP_0891Well if variety really is the spice of life, then last night we all got our quota without visiting The Laughing Buddha, (Indian Restaurant)

With 16 performers getting on stage and a large audience to enjoy their varied talents, who could not enjoy the happy atmosphere.

The evening kicked off with Caerwys  duo Gill & Ian, and each time they do a cover by The Carpenters , I look around for damaged furniture to repair. Next up we had Stuart,  the diminutive and highly gifted tenor, who this time brought along his banjo/ukelele and was his usual brilliant self. Then Linda & Tom, with Tom weaving a fishy tale of  a mermaid at the bottom of the ocean (just off  Rhos-on-Sea). Kevin was next and got the crowd doing indian whoops to Geronimo’s Caddilac, always a winner.  Out of the blocks next we had Chris fresh from his encounter with the Liverpool bouncers and sporting a dapper leather hat, I wonder if  Don Williams  has lost anything recently?.

The young guns, Brandon & Harrison did their electro-acoustic set next,  followed by scouse favourite Tony Grant , then Wendy & Richard did ‘Are You Tired Of Me My Darling’  with Wendy then solo, managing to master the complexities of mid-song modulation by sliding the capo up a couple of frets…..seamless.

GeorgeLive belted out ‘Nadine’,  followed by Wee Willy Whiskey, who seemed preoccupied by which way the Scottish vote would eventually go.  then back to sanity with the delicious singing equestrian Elainewho is next up soon for an extended spot at the club.

The first half was brought to a conclusion with newbey Tommy Goodall  (forever to be known as ( Rockin’  Tommy) All the singers did a another spot in the second half with our Tom bringing the night to a rapturous finale with his little ukelele.  The event was held together by M.C. Neil.   Same enjoyment again next week folks.



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A Star Is Born. 1st. August.

20140801_224139The club is known for supporting youngsters and giving  them a taster of performing on stage to boost confidence. but what a surprise package young Megan turned out to be. A confident, perfect set from the twelve year old (Yes twelve)  that brought the house down and deservedly so.  Hope to see lots more of her in the future.

We also had another visit from the popular Denbigh gal’ Penni Neale who’s voice is always a pleasure. Another ‘youngster’ popping in was the talented Joe Leo, fresh from his Euro’ travels and ditching the group set-up to return solo.  We also had favouites Annie & “Throbbin” Bob, who always turn out a guddun. Tom & Linda were back along with Terry, Vin, and Richard ‘D’.   GeorgeLive kept the Elvis groupies happy. Brandon & Harrison kept it in the family and  Glyn gave us some classic folk accompanied by Penni on guitar.  Wendy & hubby Richard were joined on stage by Mum Pat and did a mini version of  The Von  Trapps.

But the night belonged to Megan who stole the show.

Again another super evening.   Singers night  next week.

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