DCP_0891Well if variety really is the spice of life, then last night we all got our quota without visiting The Laughing Buddha, (Indian Restaurant)

With 16 performers getting on stage and a large audience to enjoy their varied talents, who could not enjoy the happy atmosphere.

The evening kicked off with Caerwys  duo Gill & Ian, and each time they do a cover by The Carpenters , I look around for damaged furniture to repair. Next up we had Stuart,  the diminutive and highly gifted tenor, who this time brought along his banjo/ukelele and was his usual brilliant self. Then Linda & Tom, with Tom weaving a fishy tale of  a mermaid at the bottom of the ocean (just off  Rhos-on-Sea). Kevin was next and got the crowd doing indian whoops to Geronimo’s Caddilac, always a winner.  Out of the blocks next we had Chris fresh from his encounter with the Liverpool bouncers and sporting a dapper leather hat, I wonder if  Don Williams  has lost anything recently?.

The young guns, Brandon & Harrison did their electro-acoustic set next,  followed by scouse favourite Tony Grant , then Wendy & Richard did ‘Are You Tired Of Me My Darling’  with Wendy then solo, managing to master the complexities of mid-song modulation by sliding the capo up a couple of frets…..seamless.

GeorgeLive belted out ‘Nadine’,  followed by Wee Willy Whiskey, who seemed preoccupied by which way the Scottish vote would eventually go.  then back to sanity with the delicious singing equestrian Elainewho is next up soon for an extended spot at the club.

The first half was brought to a conclusion with newbey Tommy Goodall  (forever to be known as ( Rockin’  Tommy) All the singers did a another spot in the second half with our Tom bringing the night to a rapturous finale with his little ukelele.  The event was held together by M.C. Neil.   Same enjoyment again next week folks.