140905-5505A quieter night than usual because of some confusion over the re-scheduling of the Friday night football match, it would seem unfortunately  not everyone read their email messages.

However although the quantity may have been on the low side, the quality was of the usual high standard and Mr Tony Grant certainly raised the sartorial bar with his crimson waistcoat and vintage boater, a cross between a Cambridge boatman and a straggler from the Denbigh hunt

Kevin  gave us some songs from his portfolio which makes us appreciate  how good he is,  many clubs would love his quality every week.

We had another visit from Keith from Hendre, who dished up a few sea shanties with his deep rich voice, perfect for us land-lubbers. Terry popped on stage with his Sigma-42 and ‘Blew up his T.V’ and planted a lot of peaches.

Chris gave us some of Robert Zimmerman’s finest with a mouth full of mints, courtesy of The Laughing Buddha.

Next Friday Phil Townson is popping in to give us a ‘Big Spot’ and promoting his C.D. in aid of Altzhiemers research. Phil is an old friend of the club and it will be a pleasure to see him on stage again, please attend if you can and support him in this worthy venture. As usual, plenty of space for floor singers.