2014-08-29 22.07.23Another busy and entertaining night at the footy club venue, with 40+ and 15 floor singers in the room and yet another birthday cake.

This time it was for our finest yodeling country girl Wendy (aka Madam Fifi) who took to the stage with hubby Richard.

Also we had Gill & Ian, Mick & Gilly, Linda & Tom, the trouble making scouser Tony ‘G’ was up to his usual antics, Elaine gave her standard polished performance to stabilize the night.
Our Chris ‘B’ plus leather titfer has set in motion the idea of a ‘comical hat night’, probably around Easter bonnet time would be best.

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Also we had Richard ‘D’, Geoff, Terry  and Bill ‘C’ who as rumour has it,  has been making quite a few shekels as a tribute act for the Ozzy folk legend  Eric Bogle. But I’m betting Bogle cant make guitars like our Bill,

More next week folks.

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