140725-1587As the members were wending their way into the clubroom I was chatting to the football clubs M.D. when he did a quick head-turn toward them and uttered ”Is that Kenny Rogers?’  staring at our Vince Mehlin manipulating his guitar case up the stairs, ”Yes I replied, but we’ve only got him for the one night” and Dolly couldn’t make it”.

The numbers were down a bit from the previous meet, due to Sir Tom Jones’ performance in Colwyn Bay, but as usual we had a an enjoyable time helped along by Chris & Jayne’s perilous roof and garden shed adventure, hilarious!

We had Kevin – Wendy – Tony – George -Bam – Vince –  Geoff – and Chris to provide the music and all kept in order by M.C. Neal.

Singers night next week, but we do have some exciting guest nights lined up which will be published shortly.