Well what a night we had last week. The room was full and there was a lovely atmosphere for ours Guests ‘  Karin Grandal-Park and Rosie Clegg.  They did two forty five minute sets with  a mixture of their own  songs which were lovely ballads and also some powerful songs as well.  They also did some covers  including Black is the Colour, The Sun’s coming over the Hill , River of Tears (Anne Naismith), A Womans’ Heart (Mary Black). and later in the second half  (Take me away, Dimming of the Day (Richard Thomson) and Wayfaring Stranger) they went down very well with an encore at the end with a song called ‘ Strong in Broken Places’ a very moving song  that took a long time to write.  Thank you to Karin & Rosie.

There were also performances from our regulars :- Tom and Linda ( Northern Plains), Colin sorry Colin I forgot to ask you the name of the song. Jim did a tune on the fiddle called ‘Old Robin Grey’— Richard and Wendy came up with ‘Crying Time Again’, Mike did a  lovely self penned number,  John Taylor did the lovely Hugh Williams song ‘Summer before the war’,

Stuart sang Buddy Holly’s ‘Raining in my Heart’, Kevin did one of our old Favourites ‘Chisel Hill’, The I did Bryn Phillips’ ‘Silver and Gold’,   Tom Goodall then sang a nice version of ‘ Love is a Losing Game’ ( Amy Winehouse),  Chris Birchall then unchanged his Heart and last but certainly not the least Penni did a beautiful version of ‘ The Nearness of You’

An excellent Night indeed

Singers Night next week  don’t be late