DCP_0863Tonight was the penultimate night to the longest day of the year and although the numbers were down, again due to World cup football, Sunny weather, folk festivals and holidays etc.  we still had a good evening and welcomed to the club the very talented Eric, who effortless entertained with his distinctive voice and cultured guitar style.

We had to battle with the bright evening sunshine filtering through the doorway and erect a blind to stop Tracey getting heat-stroke on the reception desk.

Keith turned up in his plum coloured chinos and fine baritone voice  getting the audience singing along to his sea shanties. Left hander Brian was up next and I particularly liked his version of  ‘Candle in the Wind’,  Brandon again improves every time he performs and George was his usual ‘off the wall’ self.  Geoff executed his ‘Happy Hour’ with aplomb.  Matt came along to sing a few songs, but apparently did a David Copperfield impression and vanished completely.

The evening was professionally compèred by The Hairy Photographer  who also managed to squeeze in a few numbers.    Hopefully all the wanderers will be back next Friday.