Birthday boy Ron

There was yet another Birthday this week and this time it was the turn of loyal club supporter Ron Lester celebrating the big day. With posh, specially made cakes and a super spread of sandwiches-pies-rolls and volleyballs etc.

Ron has been an ever-present since first attending  the club.

We also welcomed to the club Ann & Mike who traveled from the midlands to be with us and what a talented duo they are.

Mike is a virtuoso of the blues/jazz guitar and possesses a perfect gravelly voice, the opposite of Ann’s smooth cultured pipes.


Ann and Mike

The wonderful Peter Stevens was with us again and gave us ‘ The Contender’ & ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ …..Marvelous!

Our friends Dave King & Derek Smith from Conwy Folk Club popped in with Derek getting the crowd giggling with ‘On Again-On Again-On Again’ in the style of the late, great Jake Thakery.

Dave gave us ‘Kind Hearted Woman’  and Love Machine’ in his own inimitable style. 

Annie & ‘Throbbin’ Bob  were their usual brilliant best, with Annie’s voice recovered from laryngitis.


Derek Smith

We had a guitar medley from  ‘Fingers’ Bill Conde and Geoff Hollis gave usOnly Remembered‘. Chris ‘B’ did Merry Hell’s ‘The War Between Ourselves.’

Richard & Wendy up next with ‘You’re My Best Friend‘ and Wendy sang superbly,  ‘Tonight The War Is Over’.

Tom & Linda refrained from doing any rain dances and the evening came to an end with Peter & Tom on Spoons & Ukelele respectivly.