141003-2532The football pitch outside was looking like a Sci-Fi film set  with the massive dome shaped inflatable marquees, all set ready for the weekends Council run keep fit extravaganza.

With none of the regulars being abducted by aliens, the evening rocketed off to a super start with ‘Jabbawocky’ (Gill, Ian, Mick &  Gilly)

141003-2546Chris ‘B’ was back as a performer again,  being relieved of M.C. duties with the return of Neil from a bout of Martian leprosy.

Tom & Linda got the crowd howling and barking followed by Wendy & Richard with suitable headgear for C&W.

Kevin, Richard ‘D‘ & Tom gave us a brilliant set followed by Bluesman Dave King who got his lemon’s squeezed again.

Terry was up next followed by GeorgLiveBrandon and the wandering Geoff.

Another super night with a full room, 16 floorsingers and barrels of beer.


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 Don’t forget Next Friday 10th. October,  we have the fabulous

Gary Edward Jones Band

Check them on the Videos Tab and YouTube

Definitely one not to miss