140815-2076It’s not only the policemen that are getting younger, every week now we seem to attract younger floor singers.

This week it was the turn of  ten year old Teagan Webster who was helping us set-up the room in the afternoon when she got on stage and started rapping, I said  “right then, your on tonight”.

With no  sign of nerves a short but sweet set raised the roof, mind you, I didn’t understand a word of it myself,  (old fart syndrome I suppose)

140815-2066With another healthy turnout and 11 floor singers to entertain, it was a very enjoyable three and a half hours.

Next week is a singers night coupled with a visit from Leeds duo, Skinner & T’Witch (check out forthcoming guests) who will be doing a Showcase spot, but plenty of room for our regulars, so bring along your instruments as usual.