A very enjoyable evening…..

About 33 members, some old, a lot new, here for the first time. Also some we have,nt seen for a short time. Proceedings started as usual, Niel was compare and his good lady Barbara was bouncer on the door, as the night proceeded, it came to Kevin’s turn to entertain us, it was noticed that he had a very shiny, and very new (and very pretty)  Gibson J200, on which he played club favorites Geronimo,s Cadillac, and Joey White, (obviously breaking it in gently for his next spot).DSCF1439

He was followed by a club first timer, Donna, who, did a great job of her first 2 songs, with a lovely pinky red Ovation, a bit like Colin was playing










Colin was next up with his Ovation, and gave us Bobby McGee, and Last thing on my mind.


He was Followed by Geoff Hollis, who did a song a capella (no gautar!!!)   My Name is Jock Stewart,  and Amelia Where You Bound To.



We then had a duo who we hadn’t seen for a while, Nathan and Steve, better known to us as Hope. Most of what they play are their own compositions, and the two they gave us were Big Wheel Girl, (All the Fun of the Fair),and a new one we hadn’t heard before, Take It Slow.  Come back again soon, we miss you!.







Tom and Linda then gave us Blue Grass Music, quite appropriate as they had been at the Conway Blue Grass Festival last weekend!

DSCF1327Speaking of which, tom had a nice new instrument with him, a six string Uke???Hard to imagine someone pulling the wool over Toms eyes and selling him that, it didn’t look anything like a banjo!

It did sound good though.DSCF1420DSCF1421









DSCF1431Colin (2) then came back on and did Rod Stewart’s

George Boy,  followed by Anna, who as well as having her squeeze box with her, had the

third new instrument of the night , what looked like a steel recorder, first time I’ve seen one,

will have to ask her what it is.


Kevin Then came back on , to really try out the new Gibson with the Steve Earle classic Copperhead Road,  And Did it rock…..




We then had  The Kinks Sunny Afternoon, and Labbie Siffrie,s  Must Be Love, sang by Stewart. After which, Mike came back on and sang one of his own compositions, No One Will Love You Like I Do. A beautiful song, and very well written. (don,t let Simon Cowell hear it!)DSCF1436


Donna then bought her pink guitar back on stage, and blew us all away with a really good rendition or the Steve Nicks, / Fleetwood Mac song Rhyanna, third song at Rhyl and she’s got rid of her nerves already!! Hope your there next week. DSCF1401

Colin (the hat) came back on and gave us a couple of Beatles songs,


Followed by Geoff  Hollis, who again went a capella with the Utah Philips song (or Rant!) All Used Up.   Lets hope he hasn’t scared away any of the new members!!

With the absence of the bar, Geoff drank a lot of Red Wine!

The evening was closed by Hope, (Nathan and Steve) who did a rare (for them)  and very good cover  of the Johnny Cash Version of Hurt. I really thought Stuart would be more of a Nine Inch Nails man.!DSCF1452

Perhaps Rhyls not ready for the original version. Come back soon Nathan and Steve.  Lots More Fun Next Friday, see you all there.