2016-04-08 22.03.15Well what a night it was this week!   Seventeen performers turned up & 16 listeners as well. Mike & Chris came all the way from Anglesey. Mike started & finished the evening playing tunes on his Flute, Chris then joined Mike to sing  Scarborough Fair. Linda & Tom Degney  started the rain on the roof when they sang ‘Crying in the Rain’ and then the rain pelted down even harder when they did Wet Wet Wet’s version of ‘Love is all around’. Tom then sang Autumn Leaves. It was lovely to see Jane Williams had made the trip to see us & did three excellent songs, the last one I think was called ‘You’ll Go Away’ I think . Roland gave us 2 good songs but he didn’t do his Budgie song.  Phil from Canada was next . I heard him sing at the Oak in Hendre last October, he did a good version of ‘ Don’t let the Sun Catch you crying’.  Colin Campbell  & Mike Whittaker from Llandudno came to see us again after Mike’s holiday and did us proud with some good numbers. Colin Masterson sang a Fourmost hit from the 1960’s. Colin also runs a session in the White Lion at Llanellian, Colwyn Bay  on Wednesdays starts around 8.00 pm.

Other songs were performed by Chris Birchall  with his 12 string Guitar with only 9 strings or was it 8. Richard & Wendy Eastwood, Geoff Hollis, Keith, Vin and Annie & Bob. Bob did a nice version of ‘Angie’ on Guitar.    I was running out of paper by this time so apologies for not remembering  all the name of the songs done tonight. I think from next week I will leave a list for people to write the name of the songs/tunes performed.

It was a Barbara’s birthday and a big chocolate cake suddenly appeared & of course we all sang Happy Birthday.

Aye it were a grand night.

We can do it all again next week.