Nine artists tonight, (excluding the ones that drink too much!) a 50% improvement over last week.

Everybody seems to go on holiday in September, when the kids go back to school, (cheapskates!).  Things should start getting back to normal this week.

As Neil was poorly, Richard was comparing, get well and come back soon Neil, we are all missing the jokes…

dscf2061When I arrived, Mike Whitaker  was part way through his first turn, in which he sang three of his own songs.

dscf2046He was followed by Tom, Who,s first song was dedicated to his friend and fellow musician, Graham Fossil, who died last week. Graham had played in Rhyl a time back. Tom sang I Wonder Where you are Tonight, as it was one Graham particularly liked. He finished with The Green Rolling Hills Of Virginia.


Gentleman Jim was next up to fiddle for us, as well as explaining the difference between a fiddle and a violin, he gave us Ashakan Farewell, Some Scottish tunes, and Twilight over Shetland.dscf2069






Tom and Linda were next, Linda started with the Cox Brothers, Everyone is reaching out for Someone.  She then dedicated the next song to Neil, as it was one of his favourites, we all howled our way through The Northern Plains, and Neil texted a howl too!. Linda finished with Four Wheel Drives Blue Ridge Mountain Girl.


Tom Goodall was on next.










He started with lets Get Married, Followed on with Station of Stillness, and finished with the excellent Mothers Hug. Tom writes  good songs. He also does the odd cover, one of his best being When Doves Cry, by Prince He,s only done it once at Rhyl , so If you haven’t seen it, here it is, and he,s accompanied by his cat!

Next up was The Magnificent Tony Grant!

Not a lot more you can say about Tony, he always gives us a five star performance.

dscf2080Tony,s first song was a Niel Diamond, Girl you,l Br A Woman Soon,  Followed by Kiran Halpin,s / Geoff Hollis,s  All the Answers, And for Vera, Willie Nelson’s Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground.

dscf2089Terry was next, to give us our weekly John Prine, and other old cowboy songs, this week we had Welfare Line, Teenage Fathers, and Bury Me.

After the raffle it was one song each, Starting with Richard, who did Me and Bobby McGee.

dscf2094Colin then did a Bob Dylan song, Working  Men,s  Blues.

dscf2103Followed again by mike, Who gave us a lovely self penned song called She was Only 17

dscf2107Tom did a Jimmy Rogers song, from when he was 14 or 15, Hobo Bills Last Ride


Tom Goodall did his second turn, showcasing a brand new song written for the austerity (We Shall Overcome) event which is all this week.

It was called Austerity, and, as usual a really good song, If You Missed it, I will take pity on you!!!  And you get a good video,













Tony  Grant Did Red Rose Caffe


The night was closed by Richard, Terry, and Tom singing John Prines The Speed Of The Sound Of loneliness. (Terry is the shy one with his back to the camera)


karin-grandal-park-rosie-clegg20160924_122817_resizedBye for now.