Richard and Tom performing 'Don't Think Twice'

Richard and Tom performing ‘Don’t Think Twice’

There were about 25 happy souls gathered for the pre Mayday singers night, amongst them Gerard, (Toms brother), and Chris and Jayne from the Ruthin Club.


In the absence of Neil and Barbra, Linda had to compare as well as keep Tom under control! Colin started the evening of with 3 songs (2 of which Richard had also planned to sing, that’s the beauty of being first on.) ‘Sea of Heartache’, ‘500 Miles’, and ‘You Can’t Do That!’, followed by Des, who sang two of his own compositions, ‘The Fall Out’ and ‘Child Food Money’, and the Steve Earle great ‘Copperhead Road’.

Terry then came next with the classic Willy Nelsons ‘Yesterdays Wine’, ‘Take Your Time’, and the John Prine song ‘Unwed Fathers’, (He finished of in the second half with ‘T for Texas, V for Vera’,  so probably spent the night in the shed!)

Richard performing 'I Can't Stop Loving You'

Richard performing ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’

Richard and Wendy then took the stage,  Richard started by singing a number to sadden us men about wedding bells, and finished with the all time Jim Reeves favourite, ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ (probably trying to score some points with Wendy). Wendy then did 3 numbers, including the beautiful and poignant ‘1917’ and finished her first spot with ‘Older Ladies’.

(She doesn’t qualify yet!)



Richard and Tom then gave us a selection of songs, finishing with ‘Don’t Think Twice’.

After that ‘Now for something completely different’, Toms brother Gerard gave us a selection of humorous  sometimes deep poems he had collected,

Keith then did 3 numbers, the first by the old 60s group ‘The Band’, changing hats in the true Rhyl tradition to finish in a Deerstalker, singing about Lady Chatterley.


Chris Birchall

Chris Birchall

Chris playing 'All Along The Watchtower'

Chris playing ‘All Along The Watchtower’

 Our friend and frequent visitor from Ruthin Mr. Chris Birchall  (as Linda would say)  then took the stage, and entertained us with a Paul Simon song on a borrowed 6 string, followed by Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watch Tower’, and a Merl Haggarg to finish.

           It was then time for the Raffle, which I didn’t win.

After the beer break  Tom and Linda had their spot,  Linda starting with ‘Love Is All Around’, and finising with the Linda Rondstadt song ‘Waiting For The Times To Get Better’

          Everyone then did one more song, but I gave up making notes by then, and started on my second lemonade.


Don’t forget, next week, same time, same place. (bring a friend).   Ron