Syracuse Visits Rhyl

Syracuse Visits Rhyl

Club night on Friday was marked by a rare visit from Syracuse the elephant, (well not really ,but…)  a couple of our good friends from the Ruthin all Styles came over, Harry and  John Bass, and John was persuaded to pick up his beautifully grained acoustic guitar, and treat us to a couple his favourite songs. Syracuse the elephant is a rarely heard song these days , originally recorded in 1972 by the group Stackridge, and tells the story of an elephant living in Bristol Zoo… If you missed it ask him to sing it again next time he comes.

lady elanor

lady Eleanor

He then finished with the 1971 classic Lindisfarne song Lady Eleanor, no one needs  an explanation to, or has not heard of  that song, though it flopped on its first release in 1971, it was re-released in 1972, after the release of Meet me on the Corner, and went to no.3 in the charts.  


John Had a busy night, as well as performing a lot of songs with Tom Dick and Harry, he also played a fine bass line to Harry’s excellent rendition of the Gillian Welsh song, taken from her first album.




those lights have gone off again"



  As well as having his exotic looking acoustic with him, he also had his recently extensively  re-worked bass guitar,

colour correction on these Nikon lenses is pants

colour  correction on these Nikon lenses is pants


the bulbs gone again.


he was a friend of mine



Other highlights of the night included Terry doing  T for Texas, A Merle Haggard, and other old cowboy songs







Bam made a welcome return after a few weeks of absence, and entertained us with  speed trap town, waggon Wheel, and Mary don’t you weep. We hope to see you again, SOON!

Also with us was Kevin, who gave us three of the best, finishing with a White Buffalo song,

Mike Whitaker, who finished of with Sea shells.

And Roland, who started by singing a very sad, self penned song about having to tell a little girl that her mummy had just died of breast cancer, then on a lighter note, apple of my eye, and Arms 1000 miles long to finish his set.

The raffle was fixed, Linda won again

And tom 2 did a very good set finishing of with Twist and Shout


Don’t Tell Geoff!!  In the absence of  Geoff Hollis, our own Neil Diamond, Tony, took the opportunity to sing us some sad songs, including a Gareth Brooks, the poignant  Beth Neilson Chapman Sand and Water, and the John Wright great Hold On. (watch your back Tony!!)



Any one seen Geoff?

Any one seen Geoff?

Tom 2 came on again and did a Glen Hanson song, Say it to me now.

Well by now we had all had a bit to drink…… so the evening was closed by the Tom, Dick and Harry band, doing a number by George Jones

The last song...

The last song…