There were a lot of Wolves at Rhyl tonight,or it sounded a lot when Linda and Tom sang The northern Plains…


Over 30, some of our regulars were still on the festival trail, or taking holidays, but we had lots of performers and a large audience to cheer them on.Richard asked Tom to accompany him on the mandolin, and they gave us Brady,s Electric Car, and that old Dr Hook weepy Silvia,s Mother.

DSCF1592Stuart then came on and  started of with The kinks Waterloo Sunset, and a Bee-gees song To love Somebody…Followed by John,DSCF1633Who  sang the old cowboy gambling song, and The Games People Play.

Colin then came on, told a joke, waffled on for 5 minutes,  forgot what he was going to sing, waffled for a bit longer and remembered he had learned a new song to play us, which was I Can,t Let Magi Go.  (Better Known as the Nimble advert, not my favourite bread, not enough calories!).   After waffling some more he eventually  sang a very appropriate song, I,ll Get there in the End, the old Herman’s  Hermit’s song, or was it Freddy and the Dreamers? He,s got me waffling as well now!DSCF1600It was now time for our old cowboy Terry to take the stage, he started by giving the wifes present a short lesson in behaviour. The song started Put Another Log on the Fire. Vera didnt,t look too impressed, perhaps she was thinking guitar instead of log?  I think he managed to smooth things over with his next song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, by Willy Nelson, or was it Hank Williams? now I,m starting to waffle too.DSCF1604Linda and Tom took the stage and Linda gave us Another lonesome  Morning, followed by Don Williams Don,t you believe.DSCF1611

After the raffle Colin 2 (not the Colin that waffles) came back on and sang a Freight train song.DSCF1614Mike Whitaker then sang Love is everything, don’t ever change. What a nice song, and so well delivered, Mikes got some lovely songs.DSCF1617Wendy and Richard then came back on, Richard sang Dream, and Wendy sang Older Ladies.









Richard and Tom sang the mavericks song All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down, Stuart sang the old Peter and Gordon song World Without Love, John finished his night with the Animals song  Don’t Let Me Be miss-understood.  Colin 1 came back on, didn’t waffle too much, and sang The Girl From (that place I cant spell,and it’s too late tonight to Google it!)

Near the end now, Terry came back on and sang a John Prine  song, think it was about someones  dog dyeing or their wife leaving them! But it was good.

Linda and Tom finished of with The Northern Plains, and everyone howled, (Why don,t they ever howl in Ruthin?)   And Tom did a Blue Grass song to close the night.DSCF1606A GOOD NIGHT WAS HAD BY ALL, SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK.