We all thought Colin had bought the Rock Band bass guitar in from his Sony Playstation to the club, but it turned out to be an electric bass uke.

It did sound like a base guitar, and he did accompany a few other artists  with it, they probably wont replace full size bass guitars, but it was interesting and entertaining to listen to. He also kept busy with his other uke, amongst other songs: Early morning rain,  I’ll Follow the Sun, and Buddy Holly’s It’s raining, as well as accompanying other artists with his bass uke.DSCF1301


Malcolm, a First timer at the club, sang a song based on the beautiful (I thought so when I was 9!)  1963 Peter Paul and Mary classic, Puff The Magic Dragon, which inferred that Puff was not a heterosexual dragon.


Come on Malcolm, some things are sacred, it was bad enough when people said it was a reference to taking drugs! some people even laughed!  (well, most did really..), he then carried on in his acapella mode with some sea shanties.

DSCF1311Chris Birchall  from the Ruthin club sang the Joe Cocker version of Unchain my Heart, Eleanor Rigby,   and the Christy Moore version of Black is the colour of my true loves hair, which he dedicated to someone in the audience?


We also had a visit from Penny from Denbigh,  (not heaven!)  Who was looking very happy, think it was something about work! She sang about fish swimming and getting drunk, and old people getting forgetful, and shopping in Marks and Spencers


Penny, with a smug smile contemplating her future!

DSCF1275Glyn then led us in some  community singing, including  Dona Dona Dona, and Hard times come again no more.   She also looked happy for Penny.

Later Penny accompanied Glyn when she sang The Balimore Fiddler, some people even tried to sing the chorus!!!




Mike Whitaker sang a song about a Choo Choo, with Colin assisting on bass, and Colin Campbell entertained us with several songs, including The Weary Hobo Song.


Richard did some numbers with Tom and Colin, including The Pilgrim Song, and Me and Bobby Magee.


Other highlights of the night included Tony Grant singing the Windmills of your Mind, the Red Rose Caffe, and the James Taylor classic You’ve Got a Friend.


We all know what he looks like, this is his guitar.

Linda and Tom worked hard all evening, Linda also compared as Neil was away gadding about with Barbara,  we really will have to remember to get Neil to lend Linda his book of Christmas  Cracker jokes, it’s just not the same without them. Linda and Tom finished the evening with the Gibson brothers song That Blue Grass Music.


See you all next week.