Af140919-2467ter the quieter night a couple of  weeks ago and with at least a dozen regulars away up in Yorkshire at The Otley Festival, I really wasn’t expecting a large turn-out. But  how wrong was I, with a comfortably full room and fifteen floor singers to entertain, it was back to our normal singers night at the ‘Happy Club’.

We had the superb Peter, who now lives in Ruthin and was one of the 0riginal 1964 gang  at The Bee & Station, which was  10 years before my first ever visit to the club.  Peter sang Comedians and Angels and My Girl is Waiting For Me  and then one of my favourite John Denver songs in ‘Back Home Again‘ and he  promised to call back again to see us soon.

140919-2478Young  Brandon returned following his musical excursions playing support for Canadian performer Darren Eedens, among several other projects.

Here’s  a new nick-name for Mr Degney…Tom Titfer, after viewing his latest hat, but it didn’t  stop him getting a head start with his 5 string banjo, bringing a taste of Bluegrass to the evening and also performed with his Missus’ Lynda  and then Richard ‘D’ in a Bee Gees classic To Love Somebody.

140919-2484Gill & Ian were with us again and were fantastic along with Annie & Bob, Annie’s little Bro’ Vin seemed to be enveloped in smoke as he did  homage to The Railway Children. 

Wendy & Richard were following a Wanderin’ Star and GeorgeLive  rocked along with Nadine (especially for Richard apparently) 🙂

!cid_59E53E3A715C41D284A80CBC1DA9EB7E@000005a647cdeaMr dependable Kevin did a new one that’s sure to become a big hit at the club in ‘I Gotta Wink’  (check for typo’s). a song all about the in’s & out’s of an online dating agency… Brilliant.

The proceedings were controlled by M.C. Chris ( who also levered in a Susan Vega number) and Tracey did the very important  meeting & greeting on reception. Many thanks to all………

Next Friday we have a Showcase from Elaine (look in guest list for details) in what promises to be another cracker of a night, so try not to miss it.

Plenty of space as usual for floor spots, so bring along your instruments

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