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Club night 14 October 2016

After a slow start the room filled up quite nicely. The performers in attendance this week were Tom & Linda Degney, Tom Goodall, Colin Campbell, Mike Whittaker, Richard and Wendy Eastwood, Geoff Hollis, Annie and Bob and two new names to me Andy  from Abergele & Molly who is Annie’s sister I think.

Wendy was MC  tonight and a good job she made of it. Everyone who wanted to got three songs each. A new duo was formed  (Almost Blue) when Andy joined Wendy on his Keyboard with some jazzy sort of numbers.  Annie and Bob were then  joined by Molly on Andy’s Keyboard  for their first two songs. Andy also did a tune called ‘I Feel for You’ which was one of his own compositions. Now talking of Composers,  Mike Whittaker and Tom Goodall are now receiving requests for their own songs to be sung.  ‘Girl on a Train’  (Mike) and (Another Slug) (Tom).

Tom and Linda were ‘Somewhere on the Road again’ , Richard Eastwood was in ‘A Town like This’, Tom Degney sang ‘The Green Rolling hills of West Virginia, I did Jack Ashton, Annie, Bob & Molly did ‘Blind Willie Mctell’  because someone had been given a Literature prize apparently. Now where was I, oh yes who could forget Colin Campbell’s  version of Chuck Berry’s ‘ My Dingaling’ well who could match that and up pops Wendy to finish the night  with a big hit by Ketty Lester ‘Love Letters’.

Talking of Lesters’ another one will be back next week  to make a more sensible report, I am sure.

All the best & see you all on Friday 21 October 2016.

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Club Night 19th August 2016

A good turn out this week with 34 people coming through the door.

Highlights of the night included Linda & Tom  singing ‘The Northern Plains’  followed by Colin with a good version of ‘Forever Young’ . Nice to see Tom Goodall at the Club with 3 numbers including ‘I’ll Make the Sunshine Out of the Rain.  I couldn’t tell if it worked or not as it was now dark outside. Two songs by Peter followed including ‘Valley of Tears’ .

Wendy was  a lot better this week after having a bad throat and unable to sing last time and she sang a couple of songs including ‘ I Go to Pieces’   Next was Richard supported by Tom with a few songs including ‘Oh Lonesome Me’

Mike Whittaker sang a few of his own songs including ‘My Old Man’ which always goes down well here at the Football Club.  John a newish face at the club sang three numbers ‘Crust’ ‘The Box’ and ‘First’  Terry got up on stage with ‘Trouble in Mind’ and ‘Pack up Your Sorrows’ and he was in good form.

Tony Grant was also in good form with ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and ‘Rio and then finished the evening with the Searchers hit ‘ When you Walk  in That Room’

It was a shame that Nathan & Steve had to go early. I ‘HOPE’ that Nathan will be better very soon. so along with Steve they will be entertaining us again soon.

More fun at the Rhyl Folk and Acoustic Club,  Hospitality Suite, Football Ground, Grange Road  Rhyl  next week 26th August 2016  Starts around 8 pm.  See you there !

All the best Geoff

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Club Night 5th August 2016


Hiya All, Just a few quick notes from the evening!

Richard, Tom and Wendy came on stage first and gave us ‘Weary Hobbo’ ‘ Little Old Wine Drinker Me’ and finished with ‘Putting on the Style’ . Richard & Wendy came next and sang ‘He’ll have to go’  ‘ Down in the Rain’ and ‘Find Me.’  A very good start to the evening.

Linda & Tom were ‘Ready for the Times to Get Better’ followed by    ‘Don’t you Believe’.  Bob Neale sang ‘Crying Time Again’ and ‘You’re going to Leave me’  Penni said she wasn’t.  Glyn  did a nice version of ‘Wild mountain Thyme’ which went down well with the audience.

Penni Neale sang ‘You’ve got a Friend’ and  ‘You Make me Feel my Love’  – both songs were sang beautifully.  We then had the raffle, a short break, followed by some more songs in the second half.









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Pam and myself having our first attempt inserting pictures above.  Thanks to all who contributed to the evening – a lovely evening.  Here’s to next Friday and seeing you all there.  Geoff


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Richard and Tom started proceedings tonight with ‘The City of New Orleans’, ‘He was a Friend of Mine’ and ‘The Games People Play.’  Richard with Wendy followed singing ‘Walk Tall’ but Richard left his Val Doonican’s Jumper at home.  ‘Distant Drums’ and ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ followed.  Wendy went all ‘Crazy’ and then did ‘Our Town’ and ‘Speed of the Sound of Loneliness’  making a very good start to the evening.

Linda and Tom only did one song about ‘the Irish rain’ and ‘Don’t you Believe’ and a good choice of ‘Waiting for the Times to Get Better’ in view of the Referendum result last night.  Terry was next and got very warm with ‘Old Flames’ and continued with ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ ‘Long Black Veil.’  I started  off with ‘Saving a Place,’  ‘What’s the use of Wings,’ ‘Windy Harbour’  and Keith Marsden’s song about a Funeral.  Mike Whittaker sang  his own song ‘Don’t Ever Change’ one of my favourites by Mike, he also did a cover (doesn’t happen very often) of ‘Norwegian Wood.’

Tom Degney finished the night  with two songs ‘Sally’  and ‘Dr Jazz’.

All in all there were twenty eight people in the Club eight of which were performers.

A good night was had by all.

Don’t forget there is NO Club next week. We shall reconvene on 8th July 2016.


All the Best. Geoff         

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CLUB NEWS 27/6/2016

Sorry no Club this Friday 1st July 2016. we have a number of people away at either Cleckheaton Folk Festival or Conwy Bluegrass Festival and also the Wales Football game is taking place at the same time. The next Club Night will now be the 8th July 2016.  Let’s make it good one.

All the best


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Club Night 15 April 2016

Hello again. Well,  despite the heavy rain Thirty One people came to the Rhyl Football Club last Friday including Eleven Performers.

Tom Degney started us off again this week with  ‘Autumn Leaves’.  George Stanley Evans was next,  singing Help & Pretty Woman. Richard and Wendy entertained us with A Town This Size and Wendy did a song written by Donagh Long  ‘You’ll Never be the Sun’.

The audience then joined in to a couple of numbers by Richard Davies and Tom Degney   ‘Me and Bobby Mcgee’ and ‘Galway to Graceland ( Richard Thompson). Kevin Wardman then sang ‘Arrogance Ignorance and Greed’ (Steve Knightley) I think that’s the first time it’s been sung in the Club. Nice one Kevin. Nice to see Bill Conde in the Club tonight showing us the Ukulele he’s just finished. He also played ‘Freight Train’ on his Guitar & later did ‘ I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now’. Keith was in the mood for a couple of Ewan McCall songs  ‘ Farewell to the 30 ft Trailer & Dirty Old Town’ and later ‘Have you Ever’. He was in good form.  Colin Masterson managed a couple of songs one of which was ‘Lesson too Late for the Learning ( Tom Paxton).

I sang a old number ‘Swift Recovery’ which was written by Paul Darby, who was part of a duo called  ‘Winfall’ along with Anthony Griffiths on Guitar. They performed  three times at the Bee Folk Club in the mid to late sixties.  Mike Whittaker from Llandudno was next  and one of his songs was  called   ‘Don’t Ever Change’ which he wrote. He has written many songs himself and we are just getting to know them now.  Linda & Tom Degney finished the first half  with two songs one was ‘Don’t you Believe’ and nothing about the rain but of course it already was raining.

Other songs in the second half  included  Kevin with ‘I Be Your Baby Tonight’:-  Wendy with I’ll Carry You Home ( James Blunt)  I did Utah Phillips’  ‘All Used Up’  & Linda and Tom were next with ‘Carolina Star’ before Mike came on again to finish the night with another one of his songs called ‘Good Night choo choo’.

A good night was had by all with a good mix of of songs and Tunes ( Bill )

All the best for now. Let’s do it again on 22nd April 2016

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Club night 8th April 2016

2016-04-08 22.03.15Well what a night it was this week!   Seventeen performers turned up & 16 listeners as well. Mike & Chris came all the way from Anglesey. Mike started & finished the evening playing tunes on his Flute, Chris then joined Mike to sing  Scarborough Fair. Linda & Tom Degney  started the rain on the roof when they sang ‘Crying in the Rain’ and then the rain pelted down even harder when they did Wet Wet Wet’s version of ‘Love is all around’. Tom then sang Autumn Leaves. It was lovely to see Jane Williams had made the trip to see us & did three excellent songs, the last one I think was called ‘You’ll Go Away’ I think . Roland gave us 2 good songs but he didn’t do his Budgie song.  Phil from Canada was next . I heard him sing at the Oak in Hendre last October, he did a good version of ‘ Don’t let the Sun Catch you crying’.  Colin Campbell  & Mike Whittaker from Llandudno came to see us again after Mike’s holiday and did us proud with some good numbers. Colin Masterson sang a Fourmost hit from the 1960’s. Colin also runs a session in the White Lion at Llanellian, Colwyn Bay  on Wednesdays starts around 8.00 pm.

Other songs were performed by Chris Birchall  with his 12 string Guitar with only 9 strings or was it 8. Richard & Wendy Eastwood, Geoff Hollis, Keith, Vin and Annie & Bob. Bob did a nice version of ‘Angie’ on Guitar.    I was running out of paper by this time so apologies for not remembering  all the name of the songs done tonight. I think from next week I will leave a list for people to write the name of the songs/tunes performed.

It was a Barbara’s birthday and a big chocolate cake suddenly appeared & of course we all sang Happy Birthday.

Aye it were a grand night.

We can do it all again next week.


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Club Night 1st April 2016

10 Performers turned up on a cold night & entertained us with a good mix of songs. Tom Goodall started proceedings with a couple of good songs. Followed by Tom Degney on his own first then Linda joined him after. Wendy & Richard Eastwood came next, Wendy did Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle) and Richard sang Distant Drums (Jim Reeves).Raphael  also sang a couple of songs one of which I hadn’t heard for years ( Blues in the Bottle). Richard Davies then performed Me & Bobby Mcgee. It was nice to See William & Benjamin Roche & they sang some good songs. William was in the West End of Derby trying to find the King of Rome.  Thanks to all who attended last week & to Neil for hosting the evening,  who told a joke where most people laughed. Just as well  Chris Birchall  wasn’t there or he’d have pinched it.   See you all next on 8th April 2016  All the Best.

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Club Night on 11th March 2016

A quiet but enjoyable night with good company last week with some very good songs. There were 19 people in the Football Club of which there were 10 performers.  Linda & Tom Degney started proceedings followed by Colin Masterson, Colin Campbell, Richard Davies, Mike Whittaker, Geoff Hollis, Tom Goodall, Chris Birchall and Andy Gallagher.

It was great to hear Richard sing ”Sea of Heartbreak” a song we used to  sing together in the Bar at the Bee on Saturday Nights back in the late sixties. It was good to see Andy Gallagher on a welcome visit to our Club.  Thanks also to Neil for hosting the evening.

let’s have some more Fun next Friday on 18th March 2016.

All the best  Geoff.

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Club night on 4th March 2016

Tonight twenty eight people turned up at the Rhyl Football Club of which there were twelve performers. It was an evening of  varied acoustic music and song.

All the performers did three songs. Linda and Tom Degney started it all off with a song about the rain (but it didn’t) and they rang a bell as well. Tom also finished the evening  with Sally and Bye Bye Blue medley followed by an instrumental piece on an instrument that I can’t remember. (he plays so many).

Teagan   (Neil’s Grand daughter) came next and sang songs called Skinny Love and Take Me to the Church.

It was nice to see Mike Whittaker & Colin Campbell from Llandudno.  Mike for the first time at the club sang a couple of his own songs My Old Man & These things I Do and Colin did Tequila Sunrise and His Latest Flame which was an old Elvis number from the early sixties. Richard & Wendy Eastwood sang next,  Richard did Roses are Red and one of Wendy’s songs was Sweet Heart Darling of Mine.

Colin Masterson sang I’m in Love & I Call your Name.  Geoff Hollis came up with a Sam Larkin number called Mirabeau Bridge.  Bob Neale gave us a couple of songs which included Cat Stephen’s Father & Son.  Glyn Hudson went  a cappella with The Wedding Song & Down in the Valley,  followed by Penni Neale with Mr Bojangles and Desperado.

There were a few other songs done, thirty six in all. It was a good night and we will meet again on Friday 11th March 2016 at 8.00 pm.  Look forward to seeing everybody then.


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