RavenFriday 23rd of May:

Another good turnout on Friday considering the miserable wet weather and with at least a dozen members missing due to festivals, holidays and sick-notes.

With the ever popular ‘Raven’ popping in to give us a couple of super spots it was an entertaining night in more ways than one.

While all were warm dry and cosy in the club room, I was getting soaked in the cellar whilst changing a beer barrel, I inadvertently unhooked a waist water pipe above my head and reaped the messy rewards from on high, not nice.

But also with Raven we had Annie & Bob – Vinny – Bam – Kevin – Wee Willy – Linda & Tom – Richard – Wendy – Chris B. and, new to the club, Bob Lawson who braved the weather all the way from Birkenhead.

The night was compered amusingly by George in place of Neil.  So nice to enjoy the relaxed happy atmosphere and never before have I heard such realistic cockerels, dogs and howling wolves to accompany Ravens Little Red Rooster, a brilliant finish to another thoroughly enjoyable evening.