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Friday 19th May.

Hi Folks,

!!!Bad News!!!

No Club Night on Friday 19th May,

Due to Football Match.

Club Night 24th Feb








KAREN & PAUL 21st APRIL 2017

Quite a busy night, there were..

Tom and Linda,


Glyn (with her guitar)

Glyn (In community singing mode!)

Gentleman Jim on the Violin (or is it a fiddle?)

















Richard and Wendy,

Geoff Hollis


And Penny

As in Rhyl tradition… Linda and Tom finished with The Northern Plains, supported by two of our regulars!




Club Night 17th Feb 2017

We had a fun night, and birthday cake courtesy of Mike, who had a big birthday.


Here are some pictures from the night.

Raising Merry Hell

What a fantastic night..

The club was full, there was no empty seats, and people standing at the back. The evening started with Tom and Linda, and Linda sang The Northern Plains, a lot of new faces at the club looked a bit surprised  when all the Rhyl members started howling along, a bit like a scene from  Robert Rodriguez Dawn till Dusk! Wendy and Richard did a short turn next, and Richard calmed everyone down with a Jim Reeves song.

Chris Birchall made the mistake of coming over to my table, and asking me if I could send him a couple of pictures of Merry Hell for his blog. He left carrying my camera,  muttering something about having a night off!  (Were thick skinned at Rhyl)  Now I thought we would get to see one of the best bands in the country, and have it photographed by one of the best photographers.

A sing along with Glyn and two songs from Penni and it was time to welcome  Merry Hell for their first spot.  As usual they were superb, The Kettles were in fine fettle,  Andrew and Virginia’s voices, so different, yet compliment each other perfectly, as they always do, John unique and infectious  guitar playing,  and Bob the fine riffs on his mandolins. The Non-kettles,  Nick,  giving us a great bass  line, and Neils superb  fiddle playing adds the last bit of magic to the mix.  I caught odd sight of Chris with my camera hanging from the roof, he was obviously enjoying himself, which made me happy that I had lent it to him!   The Time went to fast.  They went of for a well earned rest, while Neil had someone draw the raffle, and Barbra, Pam and Jackie  distributed surprise  plate loads of sandwiches!  thanks to the girls who made the sandwiches, they made a fantastic evening even better.

Could the evening get any better?  Yes, Whilst the band were enjoying their rest the Rhyl regulars did a song each, ending with Penni’s Falling Leaves. We then welcomed Merry Hell again , for their last spot and to close the evening. Those guys know how to write good songs, the night ended with the band giving us an encore. And so ended one of, if not the best guest night ever at Rhyl folk and Acoustic.

Chris returned my camera, and as he looked like he’d  had such a good time taking the pictures, I suggested  he might like to work his magic on the raw pictures, I was pleased he looked so happy about it.

So a big thank you to Chris Birchall for all the work and effort in taking,  and processing the pictures.  Anyone who has never read Chris’s blog  Google The Hairy Photographer to see what you are missing, ( I think he was going to review his visit to Rhyl, and the Merry Hell concert!)

See You All Next Week,


Club Night, 27th January 2017

Before We Start….


As we had no club page for the 20th Jan, here are a few highlights of the evening,


Tom did a Gene Auty number from 1930, Ages and Ages ago. (that was also the title)

_DSF0380Linda gave us Teach your Children Well,

_dsf0329Tissues and razor blades were then handed out..

when Wendy sang a song, without her guitar, ( heavily inspired by Geoff Hollis)  the 1934 Cole Porter song,  Miss Otis Regrets, luckily, no one used the razor blades, but there was a few wet eyes in the room. she then cheared us up with Dusty Springfield’s I Only Want To Be with You, and finished with The Shires Daddys Little Girl.

Cole Porter – Miss Otis Regrets Lyrics

Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today, madam
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today
She is sorry to be delayed
But last evening down in Lover’s Lane
She strayed, madam
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch todayWhen she woke up and found
That her dream of love was gone, madam
She ran to the man who had led her so far astray
And from under her velvet gown
She drew a gun and shot her love down, madam
Miss Otis regrets, she’s unable to lunch todayWhen the mob came and got her
And dragged her from the jail, madam
They strung her upon the old willow across the way
And the moment before she died
She lifted up her lovely head and cried, madam
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today

Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today

Songwriters: PORTER, COLE
Miss Otis Regrets lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Have a listen to the original 1934 Ethel Waters Version!!!

“Miss Otis Regrets” (Ethel Waters, 1934) – YouTube


Geoff is having a Tom Paxton Season,



and singing a lot of songs he remembers from his days at the old Bee Folk Club, he started with Can.t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound, (nothing to do with Shades Of Grey), and finished with white Cockade. On his final apearence he finished with the Mary Ellen Carter.

it was a good night, with a lot of good songs, Two people who were not regulars and came were Teagan,  and John.


John started by giving us Need your love, The Beatles Blackbird, and one of his own, Goodbye,

He then accompanied  Teagan on guitar when she sang Ed Sherans Angels To fly.

completely un-rehearsed, and it sounded great!

_DSF0377_DSF0412Lets hope they both come again soon.



Now back to this week.

To fly through the evening, (I’m tired and I want to go to bed!)















John sang Billy Joel’s  Piano Man, then after the break Ghost Riders in the Sky, don’t know who did it first, but Johny Cash did it best!, then finished with a Frankie Vaughn song.

_DSF0419Penny and Bob Did a duo.













Bob carried on by himself and sang a Bob Dylan song, and John Prine’s Unwed Fathers.

_DSF0431Penny then came back to sing James Taylor’s You Got A Friend, and the classic Autumn Leaves.

_DSF0438Glyn had her guitar with her, (no song sheets this week!) and sang Yellow is the Colour, (was that Donavan?)  and Where have all the flowers gone, (Skeets doing a good job).















And guess who was next…

Geof continued his Tom Paxton Season with another two more of his songs, on his second spot it was back to a John Wright classic and finishing with The Old Boys are leaving.













We were then entertained by our friend from the Ruthin Club (Thursday Night 7:30pm in the Feathers!) Mr. Chris Birchall.


With his trusty 9 string Washburn he started with the late and great Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows, following that with While my Guitar Gently Weeps. (probably wants another 3 strings!)








Tom and Linda started it, tom with The Land Of The Navajo, and Linda made us howl to the Northern Plains.



Richard  sang Roses are Red, Wendy sang a nice Welsh song (something about a moor).


Cowboy hats back on for Ghost Riders in the Sky from John.

Bob gave us a classic Max Boyce… and the pit head is a supermarket now…

closely followed by Glyn singing Lord of the Dance.


_dsf0304After Geoff, the mike was lowered  for Mr Chris Birchall, who sang an un-dedicated Christy Moore version of Black is the Colour, using Penny’s six string.

_DSF0503To close the night,Penny came back and borrowed Chris’s 9 string Washburn,  to sing  Hotel California, one of her best. (with a bit of help from Tom




Goodnight folks, see you all later on today!!

club Night, 6th January 2017

Happy New Year to all our members and friends, this was our first club night in 2017, but Before we start…. REMEMBER

logo_red1Will be with us on The 10th February 2017. Get your tickets now!!! or pay £4.00 on the door. As we only have room for about fifty people, and we have over 35  going since Thursday,  you need to reserve your ticket now.

Glyn was playing her guitar when we arrived, just finishing her first spot, She was followed by Richard

who was accompanied by Tom.First on Slide Guitar,












And then on Mandolin,

_dsf0301for his first two numbers, Four Strong Winds, and Gambling Bob

_dsf0343 Following neatly on, was Bob Neil,

he was gambling to, he was using Penny,s favourite guitar! but he said it would be OK as long as she didn’t find out! He started with a classic Dylan song, then went on to a Woody Guthrie song, about hardship on the farms in the west.


Terry came next, a lot of people were disappointed that he hadn’t worn his mankini, perhaps next week?

_dsf0307He gave us two Tom Russel songs, Barcelona, and St. Olaf’s Gate. (accompanied by Tom)

_dsf0309Geoff Hollis then gave us a capella the late Cyril Tawney song  The Grey Funnel Line.

_dsf0313He then found his guitar, (and Tom on his Mandolin) and  sang the song made famous by John Wright, Black Clothes.

_dsf0319_dsf0316The raffle was next, surprisingly Linda didn’t win, she was one number out!

Linda was on next, with Tom_dsf0322

singing Carolina Star, and the Peter Ronin song, Sitting on top of the world.

Wendy started her spot with the Tom Paxton song, Can,t Help But Wonder Where I,m Bound

and finished with Older Ladies.











_dsf0329 Glyn came back on, without her guitar,

and did a song with a lot of donnas in it, probably called Donna Donna Donna, she then sang the Melodious Lark Song, and we all joined in on the chorus.


_dsf0334Richard and Tom finished with City of New Orleans, and The Games people Play.

_dsf0338Bob sang a Kris Kristofferson  love song that he said he often sang to Penny,

_dsf0341Terry then came back on and also sang a couple of love songs he often sang to Vera,  Put Another  log on the Fire, and T for Texas._dsf0345_dsf0346
_dsf0347And Yes, Tom did accompany him.


_dsf0348Geoff Hollis started his second spot with Stan Rogers Lock Keeper song,

_dsf0315And finished with Pete Abbots Windy Harbour.

_dsf0322Linda bought the night to a close singing Northern Plains, and the howling could be heared all over Rhyl.